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USS Perch War Patrol Reports
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Bob Lents

A Profile of a Submarine POW Veteran: Robert W. Lents

The USS Perch (SS-176), a Porpoise-class submarine, made one successful war patrol and was sunk by the Japanese on her second patrol. The entire crew was captured by a Japanese destroyer. Of the fifty-four men and five officers,  all but six — who died of malnutrition in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps — were able to return  to the United States after V-J Day. Below is the complete dialog report of her first patrol and the transcript of the interview with her skipper of the account of her sinking on the second patrol.

First War Patrol of the USS Perch
(December 11, 1941 - January 17, 1942)

(42 pages)

First War Patrol

Post-war interviews with Skipper D. A. Hurt and two other crewmembers.
(7 pages)

Second War Patrol
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