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Base Jobs and Descriptions

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All of these job descriptions are defined in the Policies and Procedures Manual. In case of conflict or confusion, the duties as defined in that document shall take precedent. The section is designed to be an easy access to copies of the individual descriptions.
Click on the Job Title to review the Job Description.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Elected Officers - The Base elected officers are voted upon by the Base members. There is no requirement for a member quorum so a majority of those present at the election meeting shall constitute a victory. The Base Commander is elected for two (2) years. The Base Vice-Commander is also elected for two (2) years, however the terms of the Base Commander and Base Vice Commander overlap with Base Commander elections being held in odd years and Base Vice Commander elections being held in even years. The role of Past Commander is the immediate prior Base Commander. This role shifts with each new Commander elected.

Base Commander

Base Vice-Commander

Past Base Commander

Appointed Officers - The following officers are appointed by the Base Commander with the advice of the presently existing Board of Directors. They serve for a period of one (1) year. This period can (and often is) extended indefinitely at the pleasure of the Commander and Board of Directors.



Communication Officer


Chief of the Boat

The Base Chief of the Boat (COB) is an appointed position and nominally serves indefinitely. The COB is a member of the Board of Directors. The following are the duties of the COB:


Membership Chairman


Event Coordinator


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