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Dewey Reed Eternal Patrol

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Dewey Reed

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Perch Base Life Member and Holland Club Member Dewey Reed, STC(SS) departed on Eternal Patrol on March 4, 2019.
Our condolences to his wife, Dottie, and the rest of the family.
Dewey enlisted in 1957 and was assigned to his first boat, the Blenny (SS-324) out of Key West, FL, where he qualified and married Dorothea (Dottie) Soley in 1957. He was assigned to the Picuda, (SS-382) in 1961 and the Sea Poacher (SS-406) in 1962. He told us that serving on Sea Poacher was one of his finest experiences.
He made second class and reenlisted in 1962 just prior to the Cuban crisis. During the crisis Dottie stayed in Key West believing that for a missile to hit her it would have to be defective. After the crisis was over, Dewey received orders to Sonar "B" School. After completing his training, he was assigned to the Grenadier (SS-525) and then 1966 was assigned back to school in San Diego as an instructor. During his 2 years in San Diego, he was promoted to STC(SS), an accomplishment to become a Chief in 7.5 years. His last assignment in 1969 was to help place the Tench (SS-417) out of commission.
After the Navy, Dewey and Dottie settled in San Jose, CA and he worked in various positions in the electronics industry and started his own company.
Dewey and Dottie retired in in 2007 and became full time RVers. They sold everything they had, purchased a long fifth wheel recreational vehicle and lived in it full time. They visited 22 submarine museums, done all of Route 66, been to nearly all the Sport Halls of Fame in America, been in all 48 contiguous states, visited numerous "War of 1812" sites, explored dozens of Civil War sites centered in Virginia, in one year alone attended 54 baseball games up and down the East Coast, attended nearly all the Sea Poacher reunions and most USSVI Conventions.
Those of us at Perch Base would see Dewey in the winter months until he would hit the road when the weather became too hot.

Dewey Reed's qual boat, USS Blenny (SS-324)

Dewey Reed's qual boat, USS Blenny (SS-324)

Dewey's other boats:

USS Picuda (SS-382)

USS Picuda (SS-382)

USS Sea Poacher (SS-406)

USS Sea Poacher (SS-406)

USS Grenadier (SS-525)

USS Grenadier (SS-525)

USS Tench (SS-417)

USS Tench (SS-417)

The memorial service and urn placement for Dewey Reed at the National Memorial Cemetery was conducted Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 12:30 p.m.

Your Brothers of the 'Phin Have the Watch.
Fair Winds and Following Seas, Shipmate.

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